The creativity, grown up in Nishikatsura, beautiful village by Mount Fuji

Q:Ms. Misato Inoue (Misato) has experienced the collaboration project between Tokyo Zokei university and Makita shoten and after graduation, she decided to move in this region and started working with Makita Shoten as a textile designer. Would you tell us the reason?

Misato:This region is located near Tokyo and I was fascinated with their garment textile creation. Now I have already worked here for 4 years but I could start designing my own idea from 1st year and could experience real creative works. I might not be able to work like this if I worked other companies."

Q:Would you tell us more about your work?

Misato:I design textiles based on the requests from our clients, and beside I design our original textiles for domestic exhibition as well as showing in abroad.





槙田で働く02 槙田で働く02 槙田で働く02

Q:Ms. Chiemi Tamura (Chiemi) is the director of design team.

Chiemi:When I have started working here, Makita Shoten did not have design team. At that time, Makita Shoten wove dobby textiles, checks & stripes so that our main work was to combine colors and wise. But the moment I have started working, design job in Makita shoten has also started to create jacquard textiles. There was no examples or existing rules so that we did everything we could do.
Of course, something went very well and something not, but we kept thinking, trying and creating something new. Makita Shoten is the company who has supported this kind of challenge. Like Misato's work, we do what we can do and it is not related with experiences or carrier. This is something I have learned in this company and my younger colleagues do the same.

Q:What do you respect in your work?

Chiemi:Our own taste and that should be always what only Makita can do. Talking about the originality, we create original umbrellas. When we design, we question to ourselves if this textile is expressing Makita Shoten enough or not. This process makes huge difference in the quality of design. Misato:I have designed the umbrella named "sai=vegetable", using the vegetable texture into the textile design. It was quite easy to design textile but Chie gave me an idea to add several lines which vegetables originally had. Then textile became vivid dramatically! Chiemi:As a textile, what Misato designed was good enough. But it is for the umbrella and umbrella is 3D, textile is cut into triangles and built. Then suddenly we notice something missing. It happens often. when we design the textile for umbrella, we should use our imagination.


田村さん:「私は槙田商店にまだデザイン機能がなかった時に入社したんです。当時はドビーが主力で、チェックやストライプが中心なので、アーカイブや資料からの設計がメインだった。でも私が入社してデザイン自身を考える業務が始まりました。前例もありませんでしたし、考えてやったものを商品化していく中で実際NGが出たことってないんです。もちろん売れた売れないはありますが、とにかく考えてみる、やってみる、をずっと応援してもらえる社風でしたから。 みさとちゃんもそうだし他の後輩たちもそうですが、みんな何年目だから何をするとかじゃないんです。新人も経験者も考えてやってみる。それは自分がそうしてもらってきたことと同じ。続いているんです。」


田村さん:「槙田らしさ、ですね。オリジナルという意味ではオリジナル傘を作っているので、例えばその場合でもどんなに生地のデザインが良かったとしても、槙田商店らしさはある?というディスカッションを必ずチームでしながら進めていきます。それによって柄の完成度が変わるんです。 みさとさん;「確かに私の企画で野菜をインスピレーション源とした菜(さい)という晴れ雨兼用傘があるんですけど、割と簡単に生地ができたんです。でも田村さんから野菜にある筋とか凹凸みたいな柄を線で入れた方がいいよとアドバイスをもらって。」 田村さん;「生地だと本当にそれで綺麗に問題ないんですよ。でも傘って立体でしょ。三角の型でカットして仕立てていくと、カットによってなんか間が抜けた部分が見えてくる。だからそこまで考えて作りこむ必要があるんです。」

Q:It is the experience, isn't it?

Chiemi:Yes, but I can say that is exactly what Makita Shoten's value is. We respect details even toward almost invisible parts. We design texture, lines, shadow and colors using all techniques and experiences. That is the only and best way to create our dream textiles.

Q: Would you tell us who you want to work with in future?

Chiemi:Someone who is curious, challenging and has wide perspective.

Q:Do you have any advice to work in Makita Shoten, Misato?

Misato:Someone who likes creation is better, I think. I like textile but Chie, you do not like it so much, do you?







Q:You are the textile lover,aren't you???

Chiemi:No, I don't like textile so much. I rather like creation.
Misato:Makita shoten is the group of people who likes creation!
Chiemi:we want someone who is very mania...who can bring new idea! And someone who is good at communication toward new market!


田村さん;「うん、布好きなわけじゃないですよ。作るのが好きなんです。」 みさとさん;「作るの好きの集まりですね。」 田村さん;「マニアックな人も来て欲しいなあ。」 みさとさん;「社内には生地組織好きみたいなマニアックはいますけどね。」 田村さん;「新しい発想を持ち込んでくれるマニアック募集!そしてアピール力がある人。外に向かって発信してくれる人がいいです。うちはアピール下手だからね。」